About Us

The nickname Broom Wagon is given to an important vehicle that follows the Tour de France, and other cycling races. Also referred to as a Supplies and Gear (SAG) Wagon, it picks up and assists riders who are unable to complete the race. It is our mission to provide you with quick, professional, quality service along with a friendly atmosphere, this is guaranteed at Broom Wagon. We have always had a strong passion for the bicycle. Whether it is for racing, recreational riding, or simply getting around, we believe in a future where the bicycle is front and centre. To put it quite simply, it is just so much fun to ride a bike ... almost like being a kid again.

Service & Repairs

Keeping your bicycle in peak running order is the key to getting the most out of every ride. From simple tire inflation to total overhauls, we have the parts and services to make it right. Check out our complete service menu via the button below.

Bikes & Gear

We carry a wide array of parts and accessories to fit a variety of styles and budgets.

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